We Are A High-End Matchmaking Service for Indians in Australia



Nurys & Rich is a brand new matchmaking agency, the first in the world that charges based on results. Combining tech and high-touch personal service, we've developed a proprietary matching system that has shown 95% success rate on all tests. 

We are a niche, exclusive agency, and only take on 2 new clients/month. A unique team of marketers, analysts, and coaches with decades of combined experience. For most we are unaffordable, for those we work with, we are indispensable. We work night and day to uncover the most suitable companion for you. 


Here's how the experience looks with Nurys & Rich.

Submit An Application

Complete an application, this will allow our team to assess whether you meet our criteria. Unfortunately less than 5% are accepted.

Your Personal Agent

You are assigned a dedicated agent, you'll meet face to face, or online. Our proprietary assessment tool will then develop a criteria.

Intros, Matches & Coaching

Our team match you with ideal candidates from our database. Your agent makes the introductions and you receive ongoing coaching.


At Your Beck & Call

Your agent, and our team, are at your beck and call. We work harder than anyone else to find your perfect partner. 


Some results from those in our beta tests.

"I will admit I was sceptical when I spoke to XXXX, however the claim that I will only be charged if/when I found a long-term partner, pushed me to take the plunge. And I am GRATEFUL everyday I trusted them with their new methods. XXXX has gone over and above in EVERY SINGLE WAY and I am now in a long-term relationship with this wonderful woman that I was matched with. Thank you so much!"

CEO (Biotech Firm) - Perth AU

"I cannot recommend your agency enough. Having spent numerous wasted hours in dates and corresponding with people on these online apps. I was ready to give up, through your service I have finally found a meaningful relationship and a wonderful person I can trust, and love. I hope you take it to a large scale!"

Partner at National Law Firm - Perth AU

"I have no words! I was 24 and my friends said I was crazy to not find someone organically. Now I am engaged while some of my friends are still swiping on apps and meeting people who have no interest in something meaningful."

Actress - Perth AU / Mumbai


Our pricing is fixed, identical for everyone, no negotiations.



Why Can't I Just Use Online Apps & Save Money?

Of course you can. The reason you are here is you are likely aware how fickle and irritating these platforms can be, and the amount of time wasted. Our service is bespoke, tailored, and trained agents working for your needs. From our experience, relationships are significantly more likely to succeed when two people are introduced.

"Relationships are more likely to succeed when people are introduced"

We Keep Everything Hush-Hush. For you and us. Nothing is made public. EVER.