Fixed, Consistent, Non Negotiable

Our pricing is fixed, the same for everyone who recruits the services of our agency. There is no negotiation or discounts. Even for family members.

Marketing Fee


Paid at commencement, covering up to 12 months of all costs involved with our agency marketing & promoting you.

Engaged or De Facto


Paid at the moment you and your partner enter into a de facto relationship or get engaged, whichever comes first.

Contact Hours

Matches Provided

Access to Events





Promotional Costs such as Advertising, Printing, Design, etc.

All costs associated with promoting you, and presenting you in the best light (included).

Staff Costs such as Contractors, Freelancers, Researchers, etc.

An army of people behind the scenes will search for the best candidates (included).

Flights, Travel, and Accomodation

Any costs associated with our agent needing to travel are extra. All will be approved by you.

Specialist Services incl. Kundali etc.

Any costs associated with specialist consultants, coaches, astrologists, etc. are extra.

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